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Lee Oululani Plevney


I seek to reflect the beauty and mystery of the ocean and sea life surrounding Maui and the open spirit of aloha permeating the culture.

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Lee Oululani Plevney throwing a vase on her pottery wheel

My Roots

I call Maui my home but I started out in San Francisco where my mother, a native Hawaiian, moved before I was born.  She infused me, and my eight brothers and sisters, with her artistic style which I first expressed in my skill as a finish carpenter.  My transition to ceramics began in 2007 when I immersed myself in studies under Richard McCoy, Tom Coleman, Robert Briscoe and Steven Hill.  I continue to learn everyday in my studio as I stretch the boundaries of what clay can do to capture the beauty of Maui.

Talking Story

I begin a vase or platter by throwing white stoneware to create a vessel.  My surfboards and waterfalls begin on the slab roller.  For each piece, I next move to hand-building which changes the shape and story of the piece transforming it into its final form.  I develop my own glazes to capture the rich blues and greens of the island then fire the work bringing out the depth and complexity of the glazes.

When complete, each piece "talks story" about the Hawaiian world I experience every day on Maui.

Project YBEAM Interview by L. Mathis

Project YBEAM Interview by L. Mathis

Watch Now

A Little News

It's always fun to be interviewed by the media or see my work featured in a variety of ways. 

Check out the latest news and let me know what you think.

The Big Wave Surf Tour's Jaws Challenge at Pe'ahi, Maui ran in late November 2018 with a 35-45 foot swell creating monster waves. The first place winners Keala Kennelly and Billy Kemper took home my Sea Platter as their trophy with all others who placed receiving one of my Surfboards. Watch the awards ceremony video courtesy of Maui Now or check out the Jaws Challenge for a look at their winning runs.


I was featured in the Pau Hana section of The Maui News in November 2017. 


Pau hana means "work is over" in Hawaiian and is the evening time dedicated to family and friends.  The article was all about bringing ceramic art to life on Maui.

Lee Oululani Plevney throwing a vase on her pottery wheel

Mahalo nui loa to Nece & Donn DeShayne for this wonderful video of the custom tile I created for them.

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