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I am part of a flourishing community of local artists across Hawaii.  But what makes it all tick are the galleries who care about showcasing the very best local art.  Click below to see the galleries that show my work; I love every single one of them.  I hope you will too.

On Maui

You can find a wide selection of my artwork at all of the Maui Hands locations and at Totally Hawaiian in Lahaina.  U'i Gallery and Karen Lei's Gallery carry my seashell bowls and a few featured pieces.


On the Big Island

You'll find a variety of my work in galleries located at three different points on the island.  All the way to the north is Elements in Hawi, featuring my work in their front window so you can't miss it.  Moving south, you'll find a sweet selection at the Gallery of Great Things in Waimea.  Then head to Holualoa in the heart of Kona coffee country where you will find several unique, large pieces as the capstone to a collection offered solely by Glyph Art Gallery.

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